Strap Pack : Rubber Locks & 20" Leather Lace

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Strap pack includes 4 rubber strap locks (bottle washers).  Copperpeace leather straps are pretty thick already, so these provide added assurance that your strap will stay on if you're swinging your guitar.

Also included is a 20" piece of deerskin leather lace for acoustic attachment.  This deerskin is incredibly strong and makes a great alternative to shoelaces.  20" may be long enough for two guitars depending on the headstock and how you attach.

Items are packaged in a small bag that can be used for picks.  Stickers and/or picks are included in the strap pack when available. Leather lace is dark mocha brown.  Red lace available by special request.

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Christian from France on Sep 16, 2016
This is my second strap from copperpeace, and both are great !
I'm very proud to wear these straps when playing live or at home, and I wish it will help to make discover Copperpeace here in France.
Many thanks,